With global focus on renewable energy, and solar energy in particular, the variety and scale of applications utilizing solar panels have risen significantly over the past few years. Today, the solar modules are used in many applications such as Solar Power Plants, Rooftop Solar Systems, Off-Grid and Hybrid Power Systems. Floating Solar Arrays, Solar Pumps, Solar Street Lights and Solar Charging Stations. The worldwide efforts to improve cell efficiency, lower cell cost, extend module reliability and drive technology innovations in the solar panels have made them a natural choice in renewable applications.

INNOLIA ENERGY has proven solar solutions – from manufacturing its own IEC/BIS-certified solar panels, in-house technology development and EPC – to design, install and commission large solar power installations with high performance, quality and reliability solar modules.


INNOLIA ENERGY leverages its advanced technology portfolio and its lithium battery manufacturing facilities to develop and provide solutions for large-scale energy storage systems, including distributed energy storage and micro-grid systems. Innolia’s ESS delivers energy storage solution with power output smoothing, peak shaving, frequency regulation, transient active power and voltage responding to ensure the power system runs safely and reliably.

Innolia also manufactures lithium battery packs – as per the IS/IEC standards – for various applications, and customizes the packs as per the customer requirements or applications. We manufacture lithium battery packs using top quality LFP cylindrical, LFP Prismatic, NMC cylindrical, LiPo cells, and integrate our proprietary BMS and Thermal Management technology solutions to deliver quality & cost-effective products.


Electric vehicles are becoming increasing more popular and visible in all countries, due to significant investment in EV manufacturing, favorable government regulations/mandates, and EV batteries that are technologically advanced. As a result, consumers are more comfortable adapting or switching to electric vehicles, and many governments are mandating the shift from the ICE vehicles to EV vehicles. A significant challenge in building a reliable electric vehicle is the electric battery system, particularly manufacturing and managing the battery pack system to deliver high & long lasting performance.

INNOLIA ENERGY’s Electric Vehicle portfolio includes own diverse portfolio of electric vehicles – proven and tested in harsh environmental/road conditions.