Telecom SMPS Modules

Telecom SMPS Modules



Embedded power system

Input: 90 ~ 280Vac, 200 ~ 450Vdc; output: -43.2 ~ -57.6Vdc;

Features :

  • Embedded power system uses active power factor compensation technology, power factor>98
  • The normal working range of AC input voltage is as wide as 90 ~280Vac
  • The operating temperature range of the system is as wide as -25 ℃~+ 55 ℃
  • Using soft switching technology, system efficiency≥90%
  • Perfect battery management, including charge and discharge management, battery temperature compensation, low battery
  • Pressure protection and other functions to extend battery life
  • Non-damaging hot-swap technology for easy maintenance
  • Input over and under voltage protection
  • Output overvoltage/overcurrent/short circuit protection
  • Automatic current sharing technology, can achieve parallel output

IE48120R is composed of monitoring module, rectifier module, and DC distribution system with Battery backup. The performance of the whole machine is stable and practical. It has strong usability and can be used as a background software operating system.

Rectifier Module :