Solar Charging Stations

Solar Charging Stations

Innolia Energy has smart EV charging solutions customizable for different applications, and markets globally. Our EV charging stations use solar energy to completely charge an electric vehicle on-site, making it ideal for public and workplace parking areas. Innolia’s charging station system includes a solar power canopy, EV chargers, a consumer-facing mobile app and installation services for hassle-free & low-cost EV charging experience.


  • 24 hrs EV Charging Power
  • Web & Mobile apps for full charging control
  • Intelligent software package for tracking and reporting
  • Shaded parking w/ multiple parking spaces
  • Controller and 6 standard DC charging cables

Innolia’s Solar Street Light System

  • BIS/IEC approved Solar Modules
  • LED Lights with BIS LM79, LM80 MNRE approved
  • MNRE approved Lithium Battery packs.
  • Level 3 DC chords and/or adapter
  • Full Turnkey Installation Service