Innolia Energy designs, integrates and manufactures innovative solutions across the three verticals – Solar, Storage/Lithium Battery and Electric Vehicles – to make available, and to accelerate adoption of renewable energy products and services worldwide.


  • Started as a technology startup for development of advanced technology solutions in power, battery, communication and display sectors
  • Successful design-ins & design-wins delivering custom and advanced technology solutions for customers in US
  • Successfully designed and installed numerous innovative and proprietary solutions in hardware and software
  • Launched Rs225Cr Mega Project – with approval by the state of Telangana – for Solar and Lithium Battery manufacturing in India
  • Solar and Lithium Battery production lines established in 2019 with successful commercial operations
  • Delivered several MW(h) of Solar Panels and Battery Packs to satisfied customers so far


Innolia Energy was founded by Arvind Reddy, a seasoned entrepreneur and investor based in California, USA with over 25 years of experience in the Semiconductor and Renewable Energy Industry. Mr. Reddy established the state-of-the-art manufacturing units in India with the goal of integrating technology into the three verticals – Lithium Battery, Solar and Electric Vehicles, and to return back to India to contribute his part in the country’s vision to be a global leader in this space. He holds Bachelors from IIT (Indian Institute of Technology) Madras, India and pursued MS/Ph.D. from Princeton University, USA.

“Innolia Energy Private Limited is uniquely positioned to further the “Make in India” campaign, and to develop innovative & competitive products and solutions in the Renewable Energy space. As a technology and manufacturing company, we are committed to scale renewable manufacturing with advanced technology integration to deliver high quality, cost-effective products to our global customers.”

Innolia team is made up experienced contributors with over 100+ years of accumulated experience in the areas of Solar, Storage, Battery and EV.


  • 30,000sft manufacturing floor space
  • Solar / Battery / EV production
  • ISO9001:2015 ISO Certified
  • Class A facility
  • Fire Retardant Systems
  • Smart Design Isolated Storage Facility for Lithium Battery
  • High Quality Procedures and Processes
  • Safety Standards with advanced Biometric and CCTV systems