Solar Pumps

Solar Pumps



A solar pump uses power derived from sunlight that is converted into electrical power by Solar Photo Voltaic (SPV) modules, which give higher power output in the afternoons and lower power output in the early morning and evening. As a result, solar pump works on varying power input and gives varying water output at a given pump duty head.

The most important parameters to select a solar pump are: how much water is needed daily, at what pump duty head, and at which location. The location is important because solar energy varies from region to region, and sizing of solar panels depends on the capacity of solar pumps and also solar radiation of that region.

Water your fields with the power from the sun

With the cost of diesel and electricity rising constantly, solar powered water pumps are the perfect alternative for rural regions as these have a low maintenance cost and ensure a long product life.

How do solar water pumps help rural regions?

People from rural regions have to work additionally hard for water, especially due to the unpredictable nature of rain in the country.

Our solar powered water pumps are a low cost solution enabling residents in these areas to spend more time increasing their income by growing crops etc., rather than ferrying water from far off distances.

Benefits of our solar water pumps :

  • Rugged construction
  • Easy installation
  • No conventional grid electricity required
  • Long operating life
  • Highly reliable and durable
  • Easy to operate and maintain
  • Eco-friendly
  • No fuel cost

Our Applications :


Domestic pumps are Ideal for homes to maintain water pressure in taps and for general applications like watering for gardens and fountains.


Easily meet varied agricultural needs, be it drip irrigation, agricultural sprinkler systems or in the watering of fields.


Pumps are used in industries for a variety of purposes that include Cutting & Grinding, fire-fighting, managing sewage, heating & cooling of systems etc.

Commercial Building Sector

Pumps are a major force in places like hotels, corporate, malls etc. where heavy pressure and boosting is required. It supplies pumps with the latest digital technology for Cooling, Heating, Waste water management etc.

Sewage & Drainage

From draining flooded water from various areas like basements, car parks, empty cesspools to managing sewage in a water treatment plant, Pumps are widely used in the domestic, industrial as well as other sectors.

Pump Description :

1 HP 1 HP/750W 1 HP/750W 2 HP/1.5Kw 3 HP/2.2Kw
2 Pump Stages 12 12 12 15
3 Voltage 160 110 160 230
4 Mechanical Watt 850 850 1700 2700
5 Discharge outlet 1.25″ 1.25″ 1.5″ 1.5″
6 Head ( in meters ) 40 40 30 50
7 Discharge ( In LPM ) 40 40 120 120
8 Shut Off Head (In Meters) 55 55 50 80
9 Overall Efficiency 54.90% 54.90% 54.90% 54.90%
10 Outer Dia 95mm 95mm 95mm 95mm
11 Maximum Amp 4A 7A 8A 8A
12 Size of Cable (sq. mm) 1*3*2.5 1*3*2.5 1*3*2.5 1*3*2.5
13 Rpm 2800 2800 2800 2800
14 Impeller Noryl Noryl Noryl Noryl
15 Stage Casting Noryl Noryl Noryl Noryl
16 Pump Jacket SS SS SS SS
17 Pump Bearing / Bush Leaded Bronze Leaded Bronze Leaded Bronze Leaded Bronze
18 Pump Shaft SS410 SS410 SS410 SS410
19 Suction Bracket Cast Iron Cast Iron Cast Iron Cast Iron
20 Pump Hardware SS304 SS304 SS304 SS304
21 Motor Shaft SS410 SS410 SS410 SS410
22 Motor Bearing Bush LTB5 Grade LTB5 Grade LTB5 Grade LTB5 Grade
23 Thrust Bearing SS410 SS410 SS410 SS410
24 Lower and Upper housing Cast Iron Cast Iron Cast Iron Cast Iron
25 Stator Shell SS304 SS304 SS304 SS304
26 Winding Wire Copper Copper Copper Copper
27 Motor Hardware SS304 SS304 SS304 SS304

Controller Specification :

Sr. no Parameters Drive Controller  BLDC Controller
1 Mechanical: CNC cut, powder coated MS body IP
54 Rated Box
Al. Extruded with Fiber doors
2 Material : As per IEC standards As per IEC standards
3 Input AC/DC  230 Volts, single Phase / DC 200-400 Volts DC 130  Volts
4 Output As per  Pump requirement ( 110/160 Volts ) As per  Pump requirement
5 Operating characteristic MPPT Controller based drive, with selector switch to operate on DC / Grid MPPT Controller based drive, with selector switch to operate on DC / Grid
6 Display characteristics: Current, input and output voltage, frequency. error, running status, Fault alarm etc
7 Available features Auto on/off Auto on/off
8 Optional Features Auto shut down on full tank, dry run protection,  RMS Auto shut down on full tank, dry run protection, RMS

Solar Panels :

  • High performance solar PV Modules.
  • Highest Module efficiency as per International benchmark.
  • Positive power tolerance 0 to 5W of each Module.
  • Modules binned by current for increasing system performance.
  • Maintenance free, no gaseous emission, Environmental friendly
  • PID resistant Modules for long term reliability.
  • Heavy wind, snow loads, salt mist, ammonia resistant modules.

Suggested panel rating for Pump :

S. No Rated pump voltage Rated (HP) Motor amp. Suggested Panels
1 4A 8A 8A (3 * 325 W. in series. ), 144 cells panel
2 110 1 7 (3 * 325 W. in series. ), 72 cells panel
3 160 2 8 (6 * 325 W. in series. ), 72 cells panel
5 230 3 8 (9 * 325 W. in series. ), 72 cells panel

Solar Water Pump Types :