E- Bicycles

E- Bicycles


Intelligent Electric Transmission

Equipped with an intelligent Controller, 36V/10.4AHand 36V/23.4AH detachable Li-ion battery and a 250W Rear BLDC Hub motor, the INNOLIA ENERGY’s bicycle is programmed to give you the best-ride quality on flat and steep terrains. You can achieve a range of 60+ Kms per charge (on pedal-assist mode) with a top speed 25 Kmph (Government regulatory requirement)

High Build Quality

17” inch Aluminum Alloy frame making it one of the lightest and best looking electric mountain bi cycles in the market. The EV is built and designed to international standards, with a strong 60mm travel front suspension fork without Lockout

3 Modes of Operation

It can be used as a good quality regular bicycle, run on electric pedal-assisted mode or in accelerator operated fully-electric mode. The electric modes are powered by 3-levels of speed and you choose the right one according to your needs. Always note that the fully-electric accelerator mode will drain your battery faster (on any electric bike) and the best experience of an electric bike is in a pedal-assisted mode.

Safety & Convenience

The battery is detachable and comes with a lock, so you can charge it anywhere by removing it or when attached to the bike. The fully electric throttle mode is designed to work only when the bike is in motion (and not from a standstill position) to avoid injuries/damages due to accidental use of throttle while parked inside homes, offices or with people around

Ultimate performance

The fusion of mechanics and electronics helps you to switch seamlessly between pedaling and assisted pedaling; or you can just choose a fully motorized ride. Unleash 80Nm of pure torque with a twist of the throttle.

 Total confidence

The HMI with color matrix display updates you on essential real time stats like speed, trip, battery levels, assist levels and range – keeping you aware of the vital stats of your electric bike.

Unrivalled quality

The frame with compact geometries is designed to help you attain the best riding ergonomics. The integrated battery in the down-tube ensures a low center of gravity and offers no hindrance even under intense usage.



Rear wheel hub

  • 250W
  • 3 power levels
  • Boost torque: 59Nm


  • 60 km – 100 km
  • Full power – Economy mode


  • 385Wh to 843Wh capacity
  • Removable for servicing


  • 36V 4A to 8A
  • 50% charge in 60 minutes
  • Full charge in 2 to 3 hours


  • Keyless lock, Touch Unlock
  • Automatic rider recognition
  • Integrated alarms
  • GSM and Bluetooth theft tracking



  • For riders 170-210 cm
  • Weight: 19 kg
  • Wheels: 17’’ to 28”
  • Colors: Light (a subtle sky-blue)
    or Dark (a deep gray-black)

Matrix Display

  • New display states and accurate charging status


  • 40 Lux automatic LED lighting system


  • One-piece adjustable handlebar and stem


  • Front and rear hydraulic disc brakes


  • Fully enclosed drivetrain
  • Automatic chain-tensioning system


  • One-piece integrated design


  • Integrated automatic 4-speed hub
  • Electronic automatic shifting