Three Wheeler / EV Packs

Three Wheeler Electric Vehicles (and Packs)

INNOLIA is launching a line of Three-Wheeler Vehicles with several models in the pipeline of design, testing and certifications. As a top EV battery pack manufacturer with a strong technology portfolio, we have leveraged our strengths to develop top quality three-wheeler electric vehicles with long-lasting battery, high mileage range, safety features and consumer-facing application.

Three wheeler EV Lithium Battery Packs

INNOLIA ENERGY has proven and tested battery packs for three-wheeler vehicle segment with a wide range of battery packs. Our Three-Wheeler portfolio consists of high-quality packs with both LFP and NMC cells. Our wide portfolio comes in different voltages and capacities ranging from 24v-72v and 15Ah-400Ah, are uniquely designed and tested for different environmental and road conditions.

INNOLIA E-Rickshaw/E-Auto packs are deep cycle combining our proven cells with in-house proprietary technology adapted for the Indian market,  performing well under hot/harsh environment.


  • Higher Mileage/Charge
  • Quick charging
    • Long Cyclic life
    • Light weight
    • Low Maintenance
    • Vibration Resistant
    • CAN Communication
    • Proprietary GUI/HMI
  • Cell voltage and temperature sensors
  • Built-in automatic protection for
    • Over charge voltage/current
    • Over discharge voltage/current
    • Short circuit
    • Over/under temperature
  • Active cell balancing
  • Temperature cooling
  • Cloud Storage & Monitoring System
  • Unique Thermal Management