Telecom Battery Pack and Systems

Reliable telecom backup equipment is crucial for the rapidly increasing demand for mobile services. When there are power outages, telecommunication systems are at risk of failing. In the event of AC loss, backup telecom batteries ensure these systems are still running to help prevent avoidable downtime.

INNOLIA ENERGY telecom solutions are composed of smart monitoring modules, rectifier modules, and DC distribution systems with Lithium battery backup. The performance of the whole machine is stable and practical. It has strong usability and can be used as a background software operating system.


  • Embedded power system uses active power factor compensation technology, power factor>98
  • The normal working range of AC input voltage is as wide as 90 ~ 280Vac
  • The operating temperature range of the system is as wide as -25 ℃~ + 55 ℃
  • Using soft switching technology, system efficiency ≥90%
  • Perfect battery management, including charge and discharge management, battery temperature compensation, low battery
  • Modular design of battery pack to support multiple module in Parallel
  • The system uses non-damaging hot-swap technology for easy maintenance
  • Input over and under voltage protection
  • Output over voltage/ over current / short circuit protection
  • Automatic current sharing technology, can achieve parallel output
  • Embedded installation Finish Application
  • Small Program-controlled Switch
  • Access Network
  • Transmission device
  • Mobile communication
  • Satellite Communication Ground Station
  • Microwave communication power supply
Telecom Battery Module