Speciality EV Battery packs

Speciality EV Battery packs


There are many electric vehicle startups working on E- vehicles to replace the traditional ICE or conventional vehicles, in industries such as automotive, agricultural, autonomous. Many specialty vehicles such as self-guided electric tractor, trash/garbage collection vehicle, and other such vehicles with traction and hydraulic operation where demand of power is more, and thermal management is important.

INNOLIA ENERGY provides solutions and support for such start up and projects, with its R&D and design support to enhance the products up to its mark. Our specialty EV battery packs range from 150V to 600V for 20HP to 40HP model as per customer specifications.

Key Features

  • Compatible with most existing E-Tractor and E-Loader and Terrain
  • Vehicles CAN enabled for vehicle & charging infra communication needs
  • High voltage (47S to 188S) architectures enables better acceleration and increased mileage
  • Use of LFP cells for high specific power and cycle life
  • High discharge rate
  • Quick charging
  • Packs AIS-048 Compliant


  • High Specific Power – upto 220 Wh/Kg
  • Cycle life of 1500+ cycles under nominal operating conditions
  • Safety first with multi-level protection features
  • High Performance Battery Management System (BMS)
  • Works in heat, rain, sun- Our battery all weather proof with IP67
  • Minimal self-discharge

Technical Specifications