1s-8s Active-balance BMS

1-8S Active Balance BMS


INNOLIA‘s one-eight cell series BMS with active balancing is designed for input voltage from 3.75V- 30V upto 100A with optional LFP/NMC configuration.

Electrical Features (Ta = 25c)

Hardware Features

  • High-accuracy voltage detection circuit
    • Overcharge detection voltage
    • Overcharge release voltage
    • Over-discharge detection voltage
    • Over-discharge release voltage
    • Discharge over current detection voltage
    • Charge over current detection voltage
    • Short-circuiting detection voltage
  • Delay times generated by internal circuit
  • Low current consumption
  • Operation mode 3.0μA typ., 6.0μA max. (VDD=3.2V)
  • Ultra low power-down current at 0.1μA max.
  • High-withstanding-voltage device for charger connection pins
    • CS pin and OC pin: absolute maximum rating 20 V
  • 0 V battery charge function “available” or “unavailable”
  • Wide operation temperature range −40°C to +85°C

Active Balance Features

  • Inductive Switching
  • High Charger Transfer Efficiency
  • Accurate Balance Voltage (30mV)
  • Auto-detect Imbalance and Auto-Balance
  • Low-sleep Supply Current (2µA)
  • Precondition Balance Current
  • Status Indicators
  • Battery Over-voltage Protection
  • Small Board Footprint