E- Auto L5 Model

E- Auto L5 Model

Drive the world with clean fuel

L5 E-Rickshaw is the latest electric Rickshaw from INNOLIA ENERGY. The electric vehicle comes under the three-wheeler category. It covers a 120 km in a day with speed top speed of 45Km/Hrs and charge quickly with fast charging battery charger. It can be driven on slopes and uneven roads easily. Comfortable seating and extra leg space and comfortable backrest are some of the unique features of this Electric Vehicle.

Benefits of E-Auto L5 :

  • Comfortable seating and back support for convenient driving
  • Driver cabin is stylish and spacious
  • Superstructure is reliable and robust
  • Advanced air intake system
  • Passenger seats are well cushioned and more headroom space for passenger comfort
  • Economical in range
  • Top Speed upto 45Km/hr, with high power.
  • Higher capacity of battery pack.
  • GPS Monitoring and Control
  • Android based systems for battery and EV health monitoring.

Comparative Economics :

  • A lithium battery gives higher life approx 5 years as compared to lead acid.
  • Hence, the capital expenditure is Rs. 44/- per day.
  • One charge can run for about 70 kms.
  • The cycle-rickshaw is low on maintenance but makes limited economic contribution to the owner
  • Amongst the three last-mile connectivity options, the E-Rickshaw makes the highest economic contribution to its owner.
  • It is the most convenient and economical option for the passengers as well.

Government Support :

  • NEMMP 2020 and FAME – INDIA schemes shows that the Central Government is committed to support the nascent industry for long term, implying certainty for all stakeholders.
  • The E Rickshaws are now eligible for funding at concessional rate of interest under the Mudra scheme.
  • The Central Government has reduced Central Excise to 6% on E Rickshaws.
  • The Delhi Government has announced a subsidy of Rs. 15000 per E Rickshaw.
  • The Maharashtra Government has waived Registration charges on E -Rickshaws.
  • Several State Governments have waived VAT on E Rickshaws.
  • Several State Governments have reduced VAT as well as Road Tax on the E Rickshaws.
  • Gradually, all State Governments are moving towards zero VAT and Road Tax.

Technical Specifications :