Specialty Electric Vehicles (and Packs)

Specialty Electric Vehicles (and Packs)


Innolia Energy is working with other electric vehicle startups to overcome conventional vehicles with Specialty Electric Vehicles in different sectors such as automotive, agricultural/farming, and residential.

Innolia has several innovative projects under development with other partners for specialty vehicles such as autonomous electric tractor, and trash collector. For specialty vehicles such as traction and hydraulic machines, the delivery of high power with good thermal management is critical. Innolia leverages its strong technology portfolio with its Lithium battery pack manufacturing to develop customized solutions for Specialty Electric Vehicles.

INNOLIA ENERGY also provide solutions and support for several start up and projects, with its R&D and design support to bring out these innovate specialty EVs to the market quickly. Our Specialty battery packs ranging from 72V to 350VDC for 20HP to 40HP model, and can be customized as per customer specification.


  • Compatible with most existing E-Tractor and E-Loader and Terrain Vehicles
  • CAN enabled for vehicle & charging infra communication needs
  • High voltage (110S) architectures enables better acceleration and increased mileage
  • Use of LFP cells for high Specific power and cycle life
  • High discharge rate Quick charging
  • Supports all hydraulic operation
  • Active thermal cooling
  • Modular and compact design
  • Support on board charging
  • Shock and Vibration resists
  • Packs AIS-048 certified