Floating Solar Arrays

Floating Solar Arrays

Floating solar arrays are solar PV arrays that float on top of a body of water, typically affixed to a buoyant structure that keeps them floating above the surface of the water surface. A floating solar installation is most likely located in a calmer body of water such as a lake or reservoir.

Floating solar is a growing segment  in the solar power industry. Over 1GW of floating solar arrays are installed worldwide, and geographies with higher density or limited land such as asia install the floating solar arrays.


  • No loss of valuable land space
  • Higher solar panel performance
  • Environmental benefits
  • Save water

Innolia’s Floating Solar Arrays System

  • BIS-approved Solar Modules
  • Inverter Solutions (Growatt, SME, Hitachi)
  • Structures, Switch Gears, Monitoring Systems
  • Floating Supporting Infrastructure