Traction EV Packs


INNOLIA’s Traction EV Battery Packs are used in Forklift, AGV and other heavy material handling machines/equipment. Currently, traction electric vehicles use lead acid batteries, and there is shift towards the safer and environmentally friendly Lithium Battery Packs. INNOLIA ENERGY delivers a proven Lithium battery system that is beneficial over the conventional lead acid batteries:

  • Faster Charging Time, reducing vehicle standby time during charging
  • Higher Cyclic Life:  3000-4000 cycles
  • Zero maintenance
  • Smart solution and monitoring
  • Modular design to handle battery system effectively
  • Compact and lighter weight


  • Higher Mileage/Charge
  • Quick Charging
  • Long Cyclic life
  • Light Weight
  • Low Maintenance
  • Vibration Resistant
  • CAN Communication for Monitoring
  • Cell Voltage and Temperature Sensors
  • Built-in automatic protection for
    • Over Charge voltage/current
    • Over Discharge voltage/current
    • Short Circuit
    • Over/Under temperature
  • Active Cell Balancing
  • Temperature Cooling
  • Communication
    • Bluetooth
    • Wi-Fi
  • Cloud Storage & Monitoring System