BMS for Telecom/Storage

BMS for Telecom / Storage

INNOLIA's Telecom/Storage BMS

INNOLIA’s Battery Management System (BMS) for the Telecom and Storage applications is designed as a modular solution with typically 8-16 series cells. The telecom and storage applications demand high performance and even higher reliability. INNOLIA has developed our own in-house BMS solution for the telecom and storage applications with a stacked end-to-end solution that offers simple BMS with customized features to a full-range complex BMS featuring multiple master-slave, and supporting numerous communication protocols such as CAN, RS485, GSM. In addition, we offer multiple options with external connectivity as well as customized query and response for complex applications.

INNOLIA’s BMS covers all basic features such as individual cell voltage monitoring and protection, over and under voltage protection, pack over voltage and under voltage protection, charging and discharging over current protection, high and low temperature protection, short circuit protection and protection recovery. We also offer multiple options for SOC and SOH algorithms and monitoring, passive and active balancing. We also can provide the option to configure the parameters and data via our own GUI/App with any of the communication such RS485, CAN BUS, BT etc.


  • Cell and Pack Voltage Monitoring
  • Individual cell temperature, ambient temperature and components temperature monitoring
  • Capacity and cycle life
  • Charging and discharging MOSFET power switch monitoring
  • Individual cell equalization
  • LED indicator
  • Power switch
  • CAN and RS485 communication interface
  • Paralleled modules communication
  • Data storage
  • Battery management parameter settings
  • Battery management function settings
  • Pre-charge function
  • Connection compensation
  • Charge current limitation


Electric Features

Basic Parameters


6 LED indicator lights

Capacity indicator

LED Light Blink Type

Power on / off


Slave pack address setting

Host pack address setting