Hybrid Systems

Hybrid Systems


Hybrid solar systems generate power in the same way as the common grid-tie solar system but the main difference is that they use batteries to store energy for later use. It is because of the ability to use store energy most hybrid system to operate as backup power.

They used this energy during a blackout which is similar to a UPS system. Traditionally the term hybrid refers to two generation sources such as solar and wind. Recently the term hybrid solar refers to a combination of battery storage and solar systems in which off-grid systems are connected to the electricity grid.

Benefits of on grid solar

Zero Electricity Bills — though the solar power system is connected to the grid, the consumer has to pay only for the surplus electricity he consumes. The bill generated on a monthly basis determines whether the consumer has any payments to be made. However, at the same time if the consumer utilizes less electricity, the excess is fed back in the grid.

Easy maintenance — the on grid solar power system has the least number of parts along with simple installation. The elimination of batteries makes the maintenance quite easy.

Passive income generation — with connection to the grid, the consumer can charge for the surplus electricity he has generated. It not only eliminates your electricity bills but also avail the cost benefits for the excess electricity generated.

Grid tied with Battery Back Up- This is the biggest difference when you add a battery backup system to your solar setup.  If the grid goes down, your stored energy can still be used to power your home.


INNOLIA ENERGY is a leader in the solar photovoltaic energy field, for its pioneering character in the expansion of this technology in INDIA, its international expansion, and its experience in the building of big photovoltaic facilities, having installed or constructed almost 200MWp for customers.




INNOLIA ENERGY has a ready solution for on grid inverters from the leading supplier throughout the world like which offers High efficiency, reliability, and are specially designed for India’s harsh weather and power conditions. Also packed with brilliant features they let you make ROI in minimum time; you can recover the cost of the system in only few years.

Specification 3KVA to 6KVA Single Phase

Specification 4KVA to 10KVA Three Phase

Specification for Lithium Storage 3KVA to 6KVA Single phase

Specification for Lithium Storage 4KVA to 10KVA three phase

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