CAN Chargers

CAN Chargers

EV Battery Charger (CAN)

The technology powering the EV charging industry has evolved so much over the last few years. As EVs become a natural part of the transportation ecosystem, we are witnessing a shift toward the standardization of chargers and the introduction of new industry protocols for interoperability.

Now more than ever, it is particularly challenging to keep up with new developments and ensure that technologies comply with the latest regulations and standards. INNOLIA’S CAN protocol charger offers a CAN-based charger with standardization and connected charger for high performance EV applications.

General Characteristics :

Protocol :

Rate of Bus Communication : 250Kbps

29 identifiers assignment table as follows :

CAN Assignment Table of Network Address

CAN Bus Node Address derived from Standard Definition of J1939 :

BMS sends control message to charger every fixed interval. After receiving the message, The charger arranges the working mode according to the voltage and current of message data. If it cannot receive message in a certain defined time, it will trigger the communication error state, and stops the output. The display panel can display the charging status according to the information.