Off-grid PV systems

Off-Grid Solar Systems/Residential Storage Systems

Off-Grid Solar Systems convert solar energy into usable electricity stored in maintenance free lithium battery storage and solar inverters. The use of lithium battery technology provides a highly reliable mechanism to store newly-converted electricity without jeopardizing the robustness and quality of power delivered to the customer. Additionally, excess solar energy is stored and utilized later as and when needed. Off-grid solar systems remain a highly dependable solution in a vast majority of field environments, including residential storage.

INNOLIA has proven end-to-end implementations in these systems with both the Solar and Battery solutions produced in-house and ready to deploy in a multitude of different environments.

Innolia’s OFF-GRID Solar/Residential Storage System

  • Hardware and Software Solutions
    • Combine the physical and digital layers to customize and optimize performance
  • Turnkey Construction
    • Provide a one-stop solution, minimizing interfaces and hand-offs
  • BIS-approved Solar Modules
  • Inverter Solutions (Growatt, SME, Hitachi)
  • Lithium Battery Modules
    • In-house battery pack modules manufacturing
    • Proprietary BMS Technology for lasting performance