E- Scooters / E-Bikes

E- Scooters / E-Bikes


INNOLIA ENERGY’s approach to developing the line of Electric Scooters/ Electric Bikes is to create a high performance power train featuring an optimized motor/controller and a highly-reliable and long-range battery pack . We are building a line of E-Scooters/E-Bikes that have been designed for performance that is unmatched by others. As an own battery pack manufacturer with in-house BMS development, we have advantages that are unique to us and we have leveraged that into a strong product.


IEWEB’s full-stack EV platform constantly receives real-time battery level updates from all vehicles operating in the fleet and provides a smart charging strategy engine that makes real-time decisions on which vehicles need to be charged, and when. Along with it locates nearby charging stations.

IEWEB can now provide a full set of tools required to launch, operate and scale EV-based smart mobility services including ride-hailing models, dynamic shuttles, on-demand rental and car subscription services.


Intelligent Electric Transmission

Equipped with an intelligent Controller, 48V/60V/72V detachable Li-ion battery and a 500W to 2KW Rear BLDC Hub motor, the INNOLIA ENERGY’s EV is programmed to give you the best-ride quality on flat and steep terrains. You can achieve a range of 60 to 150 kms per charge in various capacity range.

Safety & Convenience

INNOLIA EV is designed with the safety of a reliable battery pack, with all protections built into the pack. The bike and packs can be monitored and in some cases controlled remotely, and can be shut-off automatically on a safety trigger.

Ultimate performance

The fusion of mechanics and electronics gives full pleasure of superior ride, performance, mileage and power.

Total confidence

The HMI with color matrix display updates you on essential real time stats like speed, trip, battery levels, assist levels and range – keeping you aware of the vital stats of your electric bike.

Unrivaled quality

The frame with compact geometries is designed to help you attain the best riding ergonomics. The integrated battery in the down-side ensures a low center of gravity and offers no hindrance even under intense usage.

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