Rooftop Solar Systems

On-Grid/Rooftop Solar Systems

INNOLIA’s ON-Grid system works in two-ways: the supply of electricity flows from the grid connected to the user’s home and from the user’s home back to the grid. This feature makes the on-grid solar system affordable and highly useful. The solar panels, installed on the user’s home are ‘tied’ to the grid. The electricity is then routed to the grid where it is supplied for day to day use. The grid tied inverter additionally regulates the amount and voltage of electricity fed to the household. And, since the generated power is higher than the household needs, the surplus power is supplied back to the grid. An important feature is the net meter, which records the energy supplied to the grid and the energy consumed. At the end of each month, the outstanding is recorded and the consumer is provided with a bill. This ‘converted’ power supply is then used by homes through the main electricity distribution panel.

INNOLIA ENERGY has proven ON Grid System solutions, ranging from 1KW to 2MW systems.  The quality and reliability of our system is a result of the high-quality Solar Modules manufactured in-house, and particularly the in-house technical integration with the leading inverter companies.

Innolia’s On-Grid/Rooftop System

  • BIS approved Solar Modules
  • Inverter Solutions (Growatt, SME, Hitachi)
  • Structures, Switch Gears, monitoring systems.