Forklift / Pallet trucks lithium battery packs

INNOLIA ENERGY offers high performance Lithium Battery packs for traction applications such as Forklift. Wedeliver a better option over conventional lead acid batteries with not only the comparative benefits of lithium over lead acid but also the performance benefits of our proven technology.

The use of Li-ION batteries is suitable for all applications. However, their advantages are particularly useful in intensive applications such as multi-shift operation and refrigerated storage.

Due to the elimination of emissions and possible impurities in lead-acid batteries, the technology is also particularly suitable for use in areas where a high degree of sensitivity is required, for instance the pharmaceutical or food industry.

For companies looking for an alternative to their internal combustion forklift fleet, Li-ION batteries are an environmentally friendly option.

Features :

  • Faster Charging time, which reduce standby time of vehicle during charging.
  • Higher Cyclic life 2000 cycles to 3000cycles
  • Zero maintenance
  • Smart solution and monitoring.
  • Modular design to handle battery system effectively
  • Compact and comparative lesser weight than lead acid.

Technical Specification :