E- Rickshaws

E- Rickshaws

Drive the world with clean fuel

Since 2015, battery-powered rickshaw sales have been growing at 20% annually, replacing cycle rickshaws. INNOLIA ENERGY launched new range of electric three wheelers. Powered by the Lithium-ion technology, it offers increased savings, superior ride quality and best-in-class comfort for drivers and passengers, along with zero emission technology, for a better tomorrow.

Benefits of E-Rickshaws :

  • Comfortable seating and back support for convenient driving
  • Driver cabin is stylish and spacious
  • Superstructure is reliable and robust
  • Advanced air intake system
  • Passenger seats are well cushioned and more headroom space for passenger comfort
  • Economical in range
  • GPS Monitoring and Control
  • Android based systems for battery and EV health monitoring.

Comparative Economics :

  • A lithium battery gives higher life approx 5 years as compared to lead acid.
  • The capital expenditure is Rs. 44/- per day.
  • One charge can run for about 70 kms.
  • The cycle-rickshaw is low on maintenance but makes limited economic contribution to the owner
  • Amongst the three last-mile connectivity options, the E-Rickshaw makes the highest economic contribution to its owner.
  • It is the most convenient and economical option for the passengers as well.

Government Support :

  • NEMMP 2020 and FAME – INDIA schemes shows that the Central Government is committed to support the nascent industry for long term, implying certainty for all stakeholders.
  • The E Rickshaws are now eligible for funding at concessional rate of interest under the Mudra scheme.
  • The Central Government has reduced Central Excise to 6% on E Rickshaws.
  • The Delhi Government has announced a subsidy of Rs. 15000 per E Rickshaw.
  • The Maharashtra Government has waived Registration charges on E -Rickshaws.
  • Several State Governments have waived VAT on E Rickshaws.
  • Several State Governments have reduced VAT as well as Road Tax on the E Rickshaws.
  • Gradually, all State Governments are moving towards zero VAT and Road Tax.

Technical Specifications :