Solar Inverters (MPPT & PWM)

Solar Inverters (MPPT & PWM)


Innolia Energy is a manufacturer of inverters for self-consumption with lithium storage and solar panels. Innolia Energy is a pioneer of all-in-one solar inverter systems that achieve an efficiency of over 95% and offer a longer battery lifespan through intelligent battery management.

The technology of IE solar inverters is the all in one answer for true multi-source energy management. IE solar inverter was specifically designed for any solar installation, regardless whether the system is foreseen for an off-grid, back-up application. IE solar Inverter is a plug-and-play smart inverter which simplifies the installation process and reduces the overall setup time of a solar system. Energy independence is now achievable with INNOLIA ENERGY’s solution for self-production of solar energy.

IE solar inverter can be coupled to lead-acid (Gel, AGM, OPzV, and OPzS), compatible lithium batteries storage. While the lead-acid battery has been used with solar systems for several decades now, the lithium battery has become an industry standard for home solar self consumption installation ever so recently, mostly due to a significant fall of their price. Prices apart, lithium is the most lightweight of all metals and brings a higher energy density to the table. The weight of lithium storage is about one-third of the lead battery making it easy to transport, install and handle. As indicated earlier a well-managed lithium battery can last years since it can sustain much larger number of cycles. What’s more the pertinent lifetime can be achieved while applying a higher DOD which means that the total size of the battery bank can be reduced.


If you already know how a solar inverter works and what the various types of solar inverters are, here are the benefits of installing IE solar inverter:

  • IE solar inverter can help you save on electricity bill. Each year the cost of electricity is rising by an unpredictable value. Investing in solar inverter protects you from the rising cost of electricity.
  • Using IE solar inverter is eco-friendly and does not cause pollution.
  • An all-in-one inverter from INNOLIA ENERGY is easy to maintain, easy to install, and more secure than other inverters.
  • Long life lithium battery with Inbuilt or extended installation feature with Inverter.
  • Compact and slim design.
  • Can Install anywhere in your home.