Four Wheelers (and EV packs)

Four Wheelers (and EV packs)


INNOLIA ENERGY is partnering with top automobile manufacturers to bring out four-wheeler electric vehicles for both personal and commercial purposes. As a top EV battery pack manufacturer with a strong technology portfolio, we intend to leverage our strengths to develop a top quality electric vehicle with long-lasting battery, high mileage range, safety features and consumer-facing application.

Four wheeler EV Lithium Battery Packs

INNOLIA ENERGY is working on battery packs for the four-wheeler vehicle segment with a wide range of battery packs. Our battery packs are being uniquely designed and tested for different environmental and road conditions.

Building a battery pack for automobile or bus or commercial vehicle requires a strong technology portfolio to integrate the necessary innovations at every level in the battery system.  INNOLIA’s technology portfolio is well suited for this application – and our collaboration with other equally committed and strong partners – enable us to offer customized solutions for all the four wheeler battery pack applications.